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Look Around Look Around - Dive Into The World of Hamilton

Discover more about the Tony-winning musical!

Are you a super-fan of the musical juggernaut, Hamilton? Well, it's time to dive further into its world with these lesser-known facts! How long did it take Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the show's first song, and where did her right "You'll Be Back"? Find out here!

1. It took Lin-Manuel Miranda a whole year to write the show's first song "Alexander Hamilton"!

Yes that's right it took writing genius Miranda one year to write "Alexander Hamilton", and another year to write Hamiltons' iconic tune "My Shot". Every line had to be perfect, according to Lin, and we can safely say that he succeeded!

2. The musical wasn't always intended to be sung through. 

At the beginning of the creative process, Hamilton had a playwright. However, Miranda and Co. decided that because the show starts with a blast of music they felt that it couldn't then go back to speech. 

3. Miranda almost played Aaron Burr.

It's true! Miranda didn't know whether to play Hamilton or Burr saying that he identified with both. However, the musical writing genius said that he liked the idea of being "cockier than I really am" and "smarter than I really" ( The New Yorker) so he decided to go with Hamilton!

4. A verse in "Guns and Ships" runs at 6.3 words per second!

We already know that "Guns and Ships" is a pretty fast song, and we take our hats off to the cast who have the difficult job to fit all the words in, and on time too! Someone pass us a glass of water...

5. Miranda wrote King George's "You'll Be Back" on his Honeymoon!

Written in 2010, King George's iconic and recurring song is inspired by a song by The Beatles, "You'll Be Back" was written without a piano in sight and whilst the star was celebrating his nuptials! 

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